How to optimize high volume site search keywords

Keywords with high internal site search volume will often not convert as well as other more targeted or refined low volume site search keywords. 

This is due to various reasons:
  • Generic Broad Keyword
  • Site Navigation Keyword
  • Contemporary Product with High Consumer Demand but no Inventory
  • Competitor Product Terminology
  • High Content Demand with Limited Search Result Options

Optimizing for high volume poorly converting or performing keywords is a two step process.

The first step is to view the keyword from an unbiased view point. Place yourself in your website visitor's shoes. View your site from their perspective. Now imagine arriving on your site and searching for that keyword. What type of keyword is it. Specific or Broad? You will need to build out a simple decision logic tree diagram.

If the keyword is Generic Broad: You will need to modify your site search results page if it is geared toward products or content but not category level pages. Your visitors are using site search for site navigation. Make sure to add the category page to the search results or increase that category visibility in your existing navigation.

If the keyword is Site Navigation: You will need to add that navigational component to your site navigation or even though your site search is set for product detail pages add the navigational component to your results page.

If the keyword is High Demand No Inventory: You will need to either add the product to your catalog, provide results to similar products, or provide a promo or incentive to purchase an alternate product. No product inventory is often the biggest culprit. There is some time sensitive or contemporary product or cultural event for which visitors are searching your site. An example would be searching for iPhone 7 before it comes out or for Superman Products when you don't carry them.

If the keyword is Competitor Terminology: You will need to provide results to similar products that you carry or provide a promo / incentive to purchase an alternate product. Sometimes visitors will search your site using synonymous competitor terminology. Just point to your own products in the search results. If the site search volume is highly increased over average it would be worth it to add an alias to your own Product SKU (equivalent to Prodouct 123 From Competitor X).

If the keyword is Limited Search Results Options: You will need to provide the missing content that visitors are searching for on your site. You need to create specific Landing Pages or Content sections based on the high volume keyword. Point site search results to these sections.

Remember: Visitors will scan the results page visually!
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