How to integrate Google AdWords PPC data into Google Analytics

View Google AdWords Paid Search Data in Google Analytics

Most eComm websites rely on PPC or Paid Search for traffic and a significant portion of revenue. If your business derives traffic from Google Paid Search, known as AdWords, you need to link off-site paid search data with your analytics account. 

Google AdWords PPC Data Link

Why Pass PPC Data?

There is a plethora of data within your AdWords PPC account that will be extremely useful once paired with your onsite behavioral data. You will be able to see which keywords and ad groups are converting (leading to sales), have the best onsite performance (time on site and product views), as well as compare the cost per click or visit.

STEP 1: Start the Account Link Process
Connecting the data sets is very easy and does not require IT or a Developer support. However, the Gmail or Google Account you use for Analytics needs to be the same as your AdWords account. If it isn’t you need to make sure that you change your AdWords login to reflect your Analytics Account.

Log into your AdWords account, and in another browser tab, log into your Google Analytics account. Then click on “Admin.”

From here, make sure you have the correct Account and Property selected from the drop down menus. Then click on "AdWords Linking" to start the connection process between your Google PPC and Google Analytics accounts.


adwords and GA Account Link Process

STEP 2: Confirm the Correct PPC Account is Selected
Because you signed into your AdWords account first and then logged into Google Analytics, your PPC Account will be automatically identified. If you have multiple AdWords PPC Accounts, make sure the correct account is the one that is selected (checked). Click on “Continue.”

Confirm the correct PPC Account

STEP 3: Link your Account to the Property View
You will now have to configure this connection. Name the configuration so that you can later remember the accounts that are linked. Be as descriptive as possible to keep your connections organized. 

For this example we are using the same connection we have used for the other marketing tools. Calling this “My eComm Website”. If you have multiple Google Analytics property views, you will have to select the appropriate view to connect with Google AdWords (you can select more than one view if you do have multiple views). Once you click the checkbox the "Linked view(s)" drop down will indicate how many property views you are going to link to this AdWords Account. 

Once you have selected the appropriate views, click “Link accounts” to complete the configuration.

configure adwords link group

STEP 4: Complete the Account Link Link
You will be notified that there is a waiting period until the connection is complete and data will start to be piped in. At this point you can click on “Done” and log out of both Google Analytics and AdWords. Check back in 24 hrs to see if data is starting to pass through.

PPC data and Google Analytics

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