How to target and market to geographic areas

Certain geographic metro areas will outperform others either in terms of Revenue Generation, Conversion Rate, Revenue Per Visitor or overall quality of traffic. These are the metro areas in which you should concentrate your online marketing efforts to the point of market saturation and optimal return on investment.

  • High performing Geo Metro areas don't necessarily translate to market metro size or existing quantity of traffic to your site.
  • Metro segments perform well because of your product assortment, proximity, shipping/tax rates and overall market Geo-demographic fit.

  • Generate a list of your top Target Online Marketing Geographic Metro Areas
  • Use Google Analytics to benchmark incoming traffic to those areas then sub-segment each of your top target metro areas into traffic source marketing channels 
  • Your options for increasing traffic from these area's include Paid Search, targeted SEO landing pages, Local Listings and Geo Metro specific Off-line marketing channels
    • Paid Search Strategy = bid up your top performing keywords in these high performing metro areas by creating geographic specific ad groups with a lower ROI threshold, so that you can increase bid prices, get more traffic, convert at a higher rate then the rest of your site, and make up the difference in lower A to S ratio on your increased revenue from traffic you normally would have lost out on.
    • SEO Landing Pages = these are a great way to get free traffic from these metro areas, by creating landing pages on your site that are keyword heavy (in your on-page copy as well as in the page title, page description, H1 & H2 tags) for these metro zones, that use terminology, slang, colloquialisms or jargon specific to these zones (think of Baby Carriage vs. Stroller vs. Buggy or Perambulator or Pram vs. Pushchair, etc. you get the picture)
    • Local Listings = these are very specific local centric online publications (a very famous example is TheStranger from Seattle or Slice in central OK) and can be a treasure trove for the aggressive online marketer, because ads are very targeted, usually very affordable, can have long  runs or flights, you can usually add UTM Tracking Parameters and build entire campaigns as well
    • Geo Targeted Offline Marketers = these are affiliates or professional bloggers who only blog or promote in a certain geographical market, utilizing services such as Yub or Amazon Associates
    • Social Networks = these services that are based on wisdom of the crowds, very targeted and often yielding high volume traffic, can be tricky to convert, since it is disruptive advertising, but if funneled into their own campaign can build, new geo metro market awareness and even be re-targeted, these services are readily available through Facebook or Yelp 
    • Traditional Offline Advertising = this method will work best with online marketing when you know which metro's work for you, and since you have a proven list of geo metro's to target you can advertise offline with higher than average return on investment rates and the ability to monitor localized success from traditional methods such as billboards, bench ads, local TV Spots, local Radio Stations, newspapers, direct mail or door hangers 

And yes in certain circles (as the price indicates) they are still called Perambulators or Prams :)

Online Market Metro Area

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