How to exclude PayPal payment gateway referral traffic in Google Analytics

How to remove PayPal from reporting as a Referral Source in Google Analytics

Often times when you use PayPal as a payment gateway on your website, it will report in Google Analytics as a referral source. Not only does it report as a referral source, but it will also take credit for revenue, depriving the originating traffic source of conversion allocation and revenue attribution. This is a very common Google Analytics traffic/conversion miss-attribution problem with eCommerce websites that utilize PayPal as a payment gateway. This problem exists with either usage of PayPal as the sole payment option or as an additional payment option in conjunction with a 3rd party cart and checkout such as Stripe or GoPayment.

What causes PayPal to report as a referrer?
The website visitor arrives to your site through a marketing channel. Once on your site Google Analytics flags that visitor as being referred from the last website they were on prior to arriving on your site, either by following a link, directly typing in your URL or following a link in an email. The website visitor then navigates your site, adds a product to their cart and checks out using PayPal. At that point they momentarily leave your website for PayPal's payment processing gateway, then immediately return to your site. It is at this point that they are re-flagged as being sent to your 

How to fix PayPal referral reporting:
PayPal referral traffic needs to be isolated, removed and ignored in Google Analytics through the use of filters at the Account -- Property -- View level.  
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