How to promote top performing products

Increase conversion rates for your top performing products

Among your product mix you have SKUs or Products that perform better than the average product sales.


The main purpose of showcasing and promoting products through on-site and off-site marketing is to drive traffic to the product detail pages for your top sellers. There are several methods for both driving traffic to the product detail page as well as demonstrating the products best features and stand-out aspects.

On-site Product Marketing Tactics
  • Hero Shots: Feature key products prominently on the homepage hero shot
  • Taxonomy: Create best selling categories directly on the site's top navigation 
  • Feature Landing Pages: Showcase all the best features of the product
  • Lifestyle Images: Feature the product in lifestyle images used in email campaigns, landing pages or other marketing
  • Product Videos: Produce videos that have multiple angles and product utility features to better highlight these products
  • Cross-Sells & Up-Sells: Feature these top-selling products in any on-site real estate dedicated to cross selling or up-selling customers.

Off-site Product Marketing Tactics
  • Display AdsFeature key products prominently on display ads
  • Search Ads & Shopping Ads: Run Paid search ads or Paid Search Shopping ads that direct users to the product detail pages

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