How to improve site search results

Site search results page is one of the most important pages on your site. There are two pages that customers are hoping to view after conducting a search on your site: the exact product detail page for the product they were searching for or for a results page. More often then not they will get a results page with product, up-sells, cross-sells and navigation options.

Site search results page

There are many UI examples for results page layout, but most stick to the same look and feel as your site as well as catalog style grid pattern, something even with the ability to filter or refine results using facets.

The most important factor to increasing the conversion rate of site-search keywords is through the site-search results page.
  1. The search bar needs to be prominent and easy to use, it is best practices if it can handle spell-check, synonyms, auto-complete or provide keyword suggestions
  2. There needs to be some way to filter on the search results page, either through facets, links or check-boxes & simple drop down forms
  3. If at all possible you should also include the breadcrumb navigation back to the original search page, the home page or through the native navigation for the catalog section the site search results belong in

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