How to increase conversions with Geo-targeting

You have high traffic volumes from specific Geographic Metro Areas or Countries. This large traffic segment is consistent in volume, but it doesn't convert well for you. The problem is not your site, it isn't the traffic and it is not the marketing channel. The problem is the site entry point and the first impression along with the product assortment. This is a common problem and optimization opportunity for eCommerce Stores who's websites carry very geographically dependent products, such as "Snow Shovels" or "Cowboys NFL branded products".

  • High Traffic from a specific geographic area
  • Poor conversion rate and low RPV (revenue per visitor)
  • Use a 3rd party targeting service to serve site-wide relevant content like (Optimizely)

  • Identify the top products, themes and product search terms by Geographic Metro Area. Segment the traffic from a specific area to identify the products that are converting and selling well. With that information check to see if the immediate availability of those products are available on the main entry points for the specific geographic metro area. Controlling first impression for a specific metro area can be achieved through page banners, hero shots or actual product placement. For this you will need to use a 3rd party geo-targeting tool. 
  • Your options for increasing the conversion rate is by addressing the marketing channels you can control and optimize for:
    • Paid Search Strategy = build specific landing pages
    • SEO Search Strategy = build specific landing pages
    • Database Marketing = send email based on time of day that is relevant

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